Bookings Coordinator (Auckland)

Shiz’s area of interest has always been in tertiary education. Previous to training as an English-NZSL interpreter she was a notetaker (trained at KDEC 1990). Roles since graduating from the interpreting programme include teacher aiding, being a teacher of the deaf, lecturing on the Diploma in Sign Language Interpreting programme at AUT and doing various interpreting assignments.

Shiz’s MA thesis examined the perceptions of deaf tertiary students and their experiences in mainstream settings. She also recently completed the Postgraduate Diploma in Auslan Interpreting (NZSL Version) through Macquarie University and Victoria University of Wellington.

Her current area of interest lies in the complexities of interpreting as human interaction and the application of ethical principles in interpreted settings. The role of the interpreter continues to fascinate her and she looks forward to the challenges of her new role within Connect.