Originally from London, UK, Daniel completed a Diploma in NZSL Interpreting in 1996, and subsequently worked as a community interpreter, and for AUT Disability Support Services, where he established protocols for NZSL interpreting within that service. He lectured in the Diploma programme for eight years, and became Programme Leader in 2000, where he returned the Diploma to a yearly intake and created the Certificate in NZSL and the Deaf Studies Programme. In 2001 Daniel was elected president of the Sign Language Interpreters Association of NZ (SLIANZ), responsible (with a very able Executive Committee!) for restructuring the Association into the form it has today, including the new development of professional portfolios.

In 2003 Daniel was approached by the Deaf Mental Health Service for advice on how to improve management and delivery of interpreting services in the area of mental health services. This led him to establish AIMS (Advanced Interpreting Management Services) to facilitate rapid improvement in interpreting services in this field, and also to learn how best to develop speciality service provisions within the current environment. AIMS grew from a single service provider in 2003 to having over 60 service clients by 2011. Since the creation of the Connect Interpreting practice, AIMS has returned to its roots as a specialty mental health interpreting provider within the Connect range of services.

With over 15 years interpreting practice, as well as training, interpreting management and assessment experience, and having given numerous presentations in NZ and overseas, Daniel brings a wide range of experience and expertise to Connect, and continues to strive to develop new ways to enhance what the interpreting profession can offer the Deaf community, wider society and interpreters themselves.