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Taria graduated with a BA in NZSL-English Interpreting in 2019, and was offered the wonderful opportunity to be the Connect Intern for 2020.

Taria has a BA in Philosophy and History from the University of Auckland. Previously, Taria has worked in a variety of different areas, mostly retail and administration. However it is with interpreting that she believes she has found her true calling.

After many years of thinking about learning NZSL, she finally enrolled in a weekend class at ADS. She felt an immediate connection to the language and the culture, and before the term was done, she had made up her mind to leave her job at an international tertiary institution, and enrolled at AUT.

Now that she has graduated, she is looking forward to getting out there and starting her professional journey. She hopes to explore a variety of interpreting settings, and her future goals are to learn Te Reo Maori, and to become more involved with the Pacific Island Deaf community as well.