Learn more about 2015 presenter Darlene Thornton


Spring workshop 2015This year, our 2015 Spring Workshop will follow a similar format to our highly successful 2014 event. In December 2014, over 30 attendees from around NZ participated in the annual multi-day Spring Workshop. The facilitator and presenter was Nicholas Padden-Duncan from the UK, who delivered a challenging and thought provoking programme from Friday morning to Sunday afternoon.

This year, 2015, we will again begin with a Deaf-only day on Friday 27th November. Deaf participants are welcome to attend for the Friday only or for the entire workshop, but will be joined by Hearing Interpreters for Saturday 28th November.

Connect has engaged the services of Deaf Interpreter and educator Darlene Thornton, from Sydney, Australia to facilitate the Workshop. Darlene was one of the most dynamic presenters at the NZSLTA conference held in Auckland in July 2014, and also presented at a workshop for Deaf Interpreters in June 2015. We are delighted that Darlene has agreed to come back to NZ in November, to deliver the 2015 programme.

The Deaf-only day will focus on Deaf Interpreting and will extend the knowledge and practice gained during Nicholas’ presentation in 2014, offering both practical exercises and Deaf Interpreting theory. Hearing Interpreters will then join the Deaf participants for the Saturday and Sunday programmes, which will focus on Discourses (different ‘text’ types such as announcements, conversations, lectures, dramas, reports) and the processes and strategies involved in interpreting these. There will also be a session on Legal Interpreting on the Sunday. The collaboration between Deaf and Hearing participants, each with their particular strengths, skills and competencies, offers a unique learning experience; the feedback from the 2014 Workshop was overwhelmingly positive in this regard.

We will be posting more up to date and more detailed information closer to November, so watch this space!