Reb2Core Member

Rebekah (a.k.a Reb) graduated from AUT with a BA in NZSL-English Interpreting in 2015, then was offered a Connect Internship for 2016. Her professional background includes journalism, copy-writing, editing, arts reviewing and theatre production, as well as stints in the music industry. 

Reb’s interest in NZSL interpreting began when she studied Linguistics at the University of Auckland between 2001 and 2004. After graduating, her need to travel took her to Japan, Greece and London (with NZSL always in the back of her mind) before returning to Auckland. After a few years of unsatisfying writing work, she discovered that there was a new BA available in NZSL interpreting at AUT. She enrolled, drastically altering her career path, and hasn’t looked back since.