Core Member

Julia.jpgJulia graduated from AUT with a BA in NZSL-English Interpreting in 2015, and was delighted to be offered a Connect internship for 2016. Her previous studies include a BA in Psychology and Education, and because of this she has a strong interest in Deaf mental health. 

Julia was born in London and grew up there, but has lived in Auckland for 13 years in total. Her interest in signed languages started when she decided to take a BSL night class while she was living in London – from there, she was hooked! She decided to move back to Auckland to be closer to family, and felt it was the perfect opportunity to enrol at AUT and become an NZSL interpreter.

Julia’s professional background includes working in online content publishing, and course co-ordination in a range of universities in London. She has been working as a part-time Project Administrator for Deafradio since the beginning of 2015, and enjoys being involved in efforts to make content more accessible for the Deaf community.

In the future, Julia would like to develop her skills and eventually work in Deaf mental health interpreting. In the past, she has been the notetaker for the Coalition of Deaf Mental Health Professionals, and hopes to take up this role again now that she has finished her studies.