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FelicityFelicity graduated with a Diploma in NZSL Interpreting from AUT in 2004 prior to this she had completed a BA in English from Auckland University in 1982. Her other studies included a year in the Town Planning Faculty. Following this was a busy decade working in various areas such as print media, selling newspaper advertising until finally landing up in Television New Zealand as a Producer’s and Director’s assistant. After starting a family in 1990 Felicity continued to work in the television sector and lectured for a year part-time at Unitec on their television and production skills course.

It was the decision to take a night class at AUT in New Zealand Sign Language that changed her life, for the better! She completed 2 years of night classes being taught by the wonderful Penny Went and then Susie Ovens and then launched into full-time study meanwhile juggling the demands of parenting 3 children.

For the past 12 years Felicity has worked predominately in the compulsory education area, at Kelston Deaf Education Centre’s transition unit (now Tu Kokiri) and has had stints as a KDEC staff interpreter. She has worked in many health settings including mental health work, hospital, GP and specialist appointments and since graduating Felicity has been regularly interpreting for the Auckland Catholic Deaf community. She also enjoys community interpreting and the wide variety of settings this can involve.

She has found working as an interpreter to be rewarding and enriching; it has taken her on a journey to many unexpected destinations. The work is never dull and always challenging – aspects she values highly. Having worked with many young Deaf people who have superb NZSL skills she is very interested in working with Deaf Interpreters and is looking forward to the advent of this new stage in New Zealand’s interpreting world.