Upcoming Events 2020

The survey that was sent out earlier this year as part of Lynx’s post-graduate study in Professional Supervision highlighted the various benefits of group supervision, especially the enhanced feeling of collegiality, the sharing of ideas, issues and strategies, and reduced feelings of isolation. We look forward to welcoming interpreters to our last group supervision session of 2020 – a year when isolation has taken on new meanings and support is more important than ever.

Past Events

  • Saturday 29th August 2020. Connect was delighted to be able to offer Group Supervision to a small group of regional interpreters. Interpreters more often than not work in isolation, dealing with the many demands of the profession and bound by confidentiality ethics. Supervision is therefore a vital tool for interpreters to reflect on their work in a safe, supportive space. This is even more vital for those interpreters who live away from main centres – some of these ‘out-terpreters’ never get to work with a team, and rarely have the opportunity for professional development. Supervision goes some way towards filling that gap.

Thanks to Covid-19, most of our usual PD sessions this year have either been postponed or have been online. The online sessions have been great, but most people agree that the warmth and collegiality of face to face settings are preferable. So we look forward to welcoming interpreters back to the MtgRm, for some networking, some great discussions, and of course the famous black chilli chicken. It was a pleasure to welcome interpreters back.

  • Tuesday 16th and Monday 29th June 2020. Connect offered a 3 hour Linguist PD session on Legal Interpreting to a limited number of Connect interpreters who are either already interpreting in legal settings, or are keen to do so.

The PD was actually held over two evenings, to allow for discussions while watching the presentation. The presentation focused on four main areas: 1) understanding the consequences of interpreter errors in legal settings; 2) how to deal with interpreting errors in legal settings; 3) strategies to deal with interpreting dilemmas in legal settings; 4) how to gain more confidence in being able to accept legal assignments.

  • Saturday 30th May 2020: Connect PD: Group Supervision Online

One of the benefits of Covid-19 and lockdown has been the increased familiarity with using Zoom and other online platforms, both for interpreting and professional development. Lynx facilitated a successful, 2 hour supervision session via Zoom for several interpreters; Connect is committed to continuing group supervision online, especially for those who can’t readily access face to face supervision.

  • Saturday 6th June 2020: Connect PD: Mindfulness Session

Tamsin Norman presented a three hour mindfulness session for eleven Connect interpreters. We thought this was a timely intervention, given the unprecedented times of the last three months; interpreting is stressful enough without the added stress of a global pandemic! Tamsin presented about the different brain states, and how mindfulness can help with creating the state that we want to be in at any one time. She also explained how our emotions impact on our physiology and behaviour, and how we can process them in healthy ways. She offered practical exercises to help us explore these concepts, and to help us discover insights from a neuroscience perspective.

  • Online Zoom Tutorials, April 2020

Julia Freeman and Kimberley Olivecrona, two of Connect’s core interpreters and past interns, have presented three sessions on interpreting via Zoom; two sessions sponsored by Connect, and one sponsored by SLIANZ. They offered tips developed from their own knowledge and experiences working via Zoom to interpreters who may well be working this way for some time to come. A huge thank you to Julia and Kimberley – their help and advice will assist in providing optimum access for our Deaf clients.

  • Saturday 18th April 2020, from 10am to 12 noon. Lynx presented on best practice guidelines for stress and trauma-informed care of NZSL interpreters, followed by a facilitated discussion on resilience and possible strategies to mitigate the impact of stress and trauma. Watch the video of the presentation on Stress, Trauma and Resilience.
  • Saturday 11th April 2020. Lynx facilitated a group supervision session via Zoom, from 10am to 12 noon.

With the recent rapid change from mostly on site interpreting to online interpreting, we thought it was timely to have a session on interpreting via Zoom, which seems to be the preferred platform by many Deaf users.


An incentive for interpreters to seek out a more comprehensive, ongoing study of Te Reo and Tikanga Maori, so that this PD isn’t just a token gesture. Interpreters are encountering more and more use of Te Reo in a variety of settings; it is no longer acceptable for language specialists such as ourselves, to ignore the challenge. We are also planning to have a short section at the beginning of all future PD sessions to practice some aspect of Te Reo.

  • Thursday August 29th 2019Peer Supervision (Auckland)
  • Wednesday 31st July 2019, Connect Protocols: ‘Tips and Tricks’ Update (for Connect contractors only)

An ‘in house’ training evening for interpreters contracted to Connect. This was an update on Connect processes, the ’tips and tricks’ that interpreters need to know from requests and bookings to sending invoices. Everyone working from the same page ensures a smoother running of the service overall, benefitting clients, our schedulers, and of course interpreters.

This month Rachel Coppage kindly agreed to co-facilitate with Lynx; the session focus initially on dealing with stress and trauma as a result of the Christchurch terror attacks.

  • Thursday 28th March 2019, Connect PD: Health and Safety

As interpreters we need to be mindful of health and safety issues. We often work in areas where there could be some risk to ourselves; for example, infections from medical settings, hazards in workplace environments, unpredictable behaviour in legal or mental health settings. How can we mitigate these risks? This session included a presentation as well as time for brainstorming and discussion.


Self care is a term that has become more popular over recent years, but what does it actually mean for us as interpreters? Julia and Kimberley led a session that allowed participants to reflect on the importance of your self care practice, and to take away tools and resources to help you improve your self care practice in their personal and professional lives.

Connect warmly invited interpreters to a mid-winter event to celebrate 15 years of continuous provision of interpreting services to the NZ Deaf community.


  • 24th-26th November 2017, AUT ‘Signs of Professionalism‘ Conference, AUT City Campus Auckland. A conference reflecting on 25 years of NZSL interpreting, teaching, and development.
  • Tuesday October 24th 2017, Connect PD:“Getting along: managing Self and Other”

How do we reconcile difficult personal feelings like bias, indignation and hurt in order to work more effectively and enjoy healthier professional relationships? Having spent 5 weeks interpreting day and night with a small film crew in PNG, Leila discussed potential strategies for emotional resilience while negotiating the various interpersonal/intra-personal demands of intense contact time with clients and how this might apply to everyday life.

  • Thursday 21st September 2017, Connect PD: “Teaming” Part 2
  • Tuesday 22nd August 2017, Connect PD: “How to keep ourselves safe”
  • Thursday 20th July 2017, Peer Supervision (Auckland)
  • Thursday 22nd June 2017, Connect PD: “Teaming” Part 1
  • Thursday 25th May 2017, Peer Supervision (Auckland)
  • Thursday 20th April 2017, Peer Supervision (Auckland) with a focus on Tertiary Interpreting.
  • Tuesday 21st March 2017, 6:30pm, Connect Protocols: ‘Tips and Tricks’ (for Connect contractors only); 7:30pm, Peer Supervision (Auckland)
  • Friday 17th February 2017, Dr. Debra Russell (President, WASLI), presentation at AUT.




  • Connect Spring Workshop 2014: Connect PD: “Medical & Mental Health Interpreting with Nicholas Padden-Duncan (UK).
  • Wednesday October 15th 2014, Peer Supervision (Auckland).
  • Thursday September 25th 2014, Connect PD: Teaming Workshop”.
  • Wednesday August 20th 2014, Peer Supervision (Auckland).
  • Saturday August 9th 2014, Peer Supervision (Christchurch).
  • Wednesday June 25th 2014, Peer Supervision.
  • Wednesday May 21st 2014, Connect PD: Mental Health Overview: Introduction.
  • Thursday April 24th 2014, Peer Supervision.
  • Saturday April 12th 2014, Connect PD: Crisis intervention/de-escalation training”.
  • Wednesday March 26th 2014, Connect PD: “Call out training”.


Led by Canadian speaker and Interpreter Educator, Karen Malcolm.