On 21st November 2019 Lynx travelled to Wellington to facilitate a Peer Supervision session for a small group of Wellington interpreters. Grateful thanks to Micky for hosting in her fabulous home.


As some of the participants had not attended a Supervision session before, Lynx spoke briefly about the aims, approaches and models of supervision and a little about her recent study at the University of Auckland on stress, trauma and resilience. The rest of the evening was a practical group supervision session with participants who were willing to share some reflections on their work and with input and ‘curious questioning’ from listeners. Some feedback from the evening:

“Supervision was awesome and I really enjoyed it. Because the group was small, discussions were rich and meaningful and we all seemed in tune with one another. Interpreting can be really stressful, but having colleagues who support you in a constructive way and understand firsthand what its like, is reassuring. It was a well-structured and informative session and I found supervision invaluable.”
“Peer supervision sessions provide different experiences and learning each time whilst also being consistent in quality. Being able to discuss situations with structure and purpose leads to intentional growth and this in turn helps keep us reflective and safe in our practices. Highly recommend!”