On Friday 27th September Connect hosted a two-hour Te Reo Māori PD session, taught by Mātua Arapeta Whaanga (Araz). The session aimed to provide an introduction to Te Reo for some, a refresher for others; however, the primary purpose was to encourage interpreters to seek further training in Te Reo. This is long overdue. The response was overwhelmingly positive, as illustrated by the following feedback:

I thoroughly enjoyed the “Te Reo Māori Professional Development Evening” organised and hosted by Connect Interpreting on Friday 29th September. It was a great success because the matua/kaiako delivered his workshop in an engaging and authentic way. We were introduced to both te reo and te ao Māori….I was blown away with how well [he] gauged our needs and pitched to a level that everyone could benefit from.  Inga

This session was great! Practical, pitched at the right level for age and linguistic understanding of participants, non-apologetic about insisting on correct pronunciation, and tutor was skilled and able to change direction to cover needs as they arose. Great tutor, useful content, friendly and supportive environment.  Janet

I really enjoyed this session! It was the first Te Reo Maori lesson I have had and I feel like I learned a lot. Not just about the language, but about te ao Maori as well. And the tutor was great, very knowledgeable and funny! If there is another session I will definitely be there. Taria

I was excited when Connect organised some Te Reo Maori PD for us…I arrived to a Connect warm welcome (as always) and a lovely full room of interpreters. Our teacher was…skilled at putting us all at ease. His pace was excellent. I loved how he explained why and how a person shares their pepeha. It made so much sense. Thank you so much Araz and  Connect Interpreting for a fantastic PD sessionJulie

The tutor was engaging, funny and created a lovely safe learning space for us. This is so vital now to our profession… I had already decided to learn Te Reo after i graduate and this PD cemented that goal and also exercised some language skills I forgot I had. On a more general note, I’d like to thank the Connect team for your commitment to ongoing PD….Thank you so very much.  Taryn