img_4632On Saturday 19th January 2019 Lynx presented two separate sessions on Professional Supervision in Vancouver, British Columbia, at the invitation of WAVLI (Westcoast Association of Visual Language Interpreters)

The sessions were held in the lovely Aboriginal Gathering Place at Douglas College, New Westminster.  Each session was for two hours, incorporating a brief overview of the rationale and theory of Professional Supervision as well as the experience of a practical group supervision. This gave the Canadian participants (both hearing and Deaf interpreters) a taste of what supervision has to offer, and gave some extra impetus to those interpreters who are keen to undertake some training in this field. The sessions were very well received and will be repeated in June 2019, as there is a waiting list of 52 interpreters wanting to know more about this vital form of professional development.

Some comments from participants, in response to the question “Most useful learning from the sessions?”:

“That supervision is for all levels of experience”

“Made me realize that we really need this kind of support here – so many interpreters would benefit from this”

“Great ‘taste’ of what supervision is: impressive in such a short time frame”

“Nice blend of overview, context and practical”

“What supervision is, how it can be done, why it is important.”

Lynx has received a further invitation to present in Victoria, BC, in October 2019.